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Burnie's Buddies


Studies have shown strong links between animal abuse and domestic violence. Furthermore,
young people
who torture animals are at higher risk for committing crimes against
humans later in life. Unfortunately, we know
this firsthand because of Burnie, our
canine mascot.

BURNADETTE (“Burnie”), is a survivor of cruelty to animals by minors. 
In 1996, two young teens tied Burnie to a tree, doused her with gasoline and
set her on fire. Luckily a police officer caught them in the act and immediately
brought Burnie to
HHS. Although she had third-degree burns, our HHS Clinic
staff saved her life and began the process of rehabilitation. Throughout the
dressing changes and other treatments, Burnie remained friendly and loving
to everyone. Ever since, she has taken her job seriously: visiting schools,
appearing at special events, selling Animals’ Kingdom merchandise, and
writing her own column in the
HHS Companion newsletter. In her spare time,
Burnie teases resident kitties, plays with foster dogs, helps herself to staff
lunches and has even won first place several times in our annual K-9 Fun
Run. Burnie is now safe and very much loved, as all animals should be.







HOUSTON (April 19, 2010) – For the past two months, the Houston Humane Society has provided safe shelter for the dogs rescued from the Panola County puppy mill last February.   Conditions were horrible inside that private residence in that far Northeast Texas county and consequently, many of the dogs were in horrible condition, as well.   Sixty-eight were immediately transferred to the Animal Wellness Center here at the HHS and nursed back to health by our veterinary staff.   


After two months of intense treatment and rehab, roughly 50 dogs were finally deemed healthy enough to be put up for adoption and the public got their first look at these incredible animals that had endured so much this past weekend.




The first dog to be adopt to adopted was Jayca, a five year old Pomeranian. She went home with the Sanchez family of Pearland on Saturday morning.   With the exception of one cataract, Jayca (seen in the middle) is in excellent health and will make a terrific sister/companion to her new brother, Zachary, the Sanchez family’s other Pomeranian.


During the first weekend of availability, a total of eight puppy mill dogs were adopted; six from Panola County and two Chihuahuas from a Houston puppy mill seizure also conducted by the HHS’s RAIDER program   last November.


But news that the rescued dogs were finally ready for adoption was very good for ALL animals here at the Houston Humane Society.   The increased awareness brought more people in to the facility at 14700 Almeda this weekend and as a result, 19 additional dogs also found good, loving homes.


As their health improves, more dogs will be made available for adoption.


Pets of the Week



I am a White and Grey Pointer Mix and I am only 7 months old.  I am ready to find my new forever home.  Come by and see me!



I'm an adorable Brown Domestic Medium Hair mix and I am 10 months old!  Come by and see me!  I am ready to go home today!