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R.A.I.D.E.R. Files

WARNING: Some of the photos on this page are graphic in nature.
Click here to view our "Happy Tails" that include animals that have found their forever homes after being saved from aweful conditions.


The Houston Humane Society needs the community’s help locating a suspect, or suspects, in a tragic case of abandonment and neglect.  Animal Cruelty Officers received a call from a nearby resident regarding the property at 6215 Maxroy, Houston, TX 77091.  Officers found the body of a horse that had clearly been starved to death along with a tied up canine with no food or water in sight.

The canine was immediately brought back to Houston Humane Society for medical evaluation and to ensure its safety.   After several weeks, the canine, a black lab named Max, is ready for adoption!




On Friday, September 5th, R.A.I.D.E.R. Animal Cruelty Officers executed a warrant to seize a badly malnourished and neglected horse from property located off the Sam Houston Tollway in South Houston.  The poor girl was severely underweight and emaciated with protruding hip bones and ribs.  Her hooves showed signs of long term neglect with numerous chips and cracks. 

Despite everything she's been through, the horse is extremely friendly.  She loves to nudge you with her head to let you know she wants to be petted, and doesn't mind leaning into you to say hi.

Custody of the horse has officially been awarded to Houston Humane Society. It will take several months for her to gain back the weight she lost due to starvation. With horses it is important to not overfeed them to limit the risk of colic.  The top notch veterinary staff at HHS have her on a diet of hay and feed, and she's spending her days resting and recuperating.  


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After 6 long months of extensive medical care at Houston Humane Society, little Staci has found her forever home. 

HHS saves little Staci from Cruelty:

On Tuesday, June 26th, the Houston Humane Society cruelty investigation team was alerted to a horrific situation in southwest Houston involving a young, small dog.  An eyewitness saw a dog owner throw his puppy against a brick wall, repeatedly abuse her, and show no remorse.  When private citizens offered to take the dog, the owner refused.  Luckily for the little puppy, Houston Humane Society was alerted and on the case!  Sgt.
Schuelke acted quickly to obtain a warrant, take down witness statements, and camp out until the owner returned home.  After seizing the puppy from the terrorizing situation, Sgt. Schuelke brought her immediately to the Houston Humane Society Animal Wellness Clinic to be examined and begin her road to recovery.  Dr. Harkness diagnosed her with a fractured acetabulum (part of the pelvic bone that is closest to the femur) caused when the femur head was smashed thru it. It is swollen and inflamed right now but in about 4 weeks, Dr. Harkness will go in and remove the femur head and create a new "joint" so there won't be bone rubbing on bone. In the meantime, she will be on antibiotics and pain meds as needed and under cage rest so as not to further inflame the situation.  In honor of Sgt.
Stacy Schuelke's heroic deeds, the little gal has been named Staci.  Check back each week to see updated photos and reports, and follow along with Houston Humane Society on Staci's Road to Recovery!
To contribute to Staci's medical care and surgery please click here.
This week’s update on little Staci finds her recuperating nicely with a few lovable stuffed toys on a plush bed in the HHS Animal Wellness Clinic.  Although she isn’t able to run or play yet due to her injuries, this resilient pooch is friendly, affectionate, and loves belly rubs!  The civil court hearing on Staci’s case has been moved by a “Motion for Continuance”  from Friday, July 6th to Monday, July 9th at 9am.  The proceedings will be at the courthouse located at 1001 SSGT Macario Garcia.  Sgt. Stacy Schuelke will be in attendance along with HHS’ Chief Veterinarian Dr. Timothy Harkness.  Much like a medical doctor would testify to the injuries in a human crime, Dr. Harkness will be able to testify to the injuries little Staci sustained, how and when the injuries could have occurred, and what the road to recovery holds for her.  Please keep your thoughts with little Staci as she continues on bed/cage rest.  We’ll update everyone on Monday with news from the courthouse.
Staci was officially awarded to Houston Humane Society at the civil hearing on Friday, July 13th.  The Judge found that Staci was treated in a cruel manner by the defendant.  The judge also ordered Staci’s previous owner to pay Houston Humane Society $3,040.50.   Unfortunately, in 99% of these types of cases the defendant never pays.  The case will now be referred to the Harris County District Attorney’s office to be reviewed for possible criminal charges .
After a month of cage rest, antibiotics and pain meds, little Staci's surgery has been scheduled for next Tuesday, August 14th to mend her fractured acetabulum (part of the pelvic bone closest to the femur).  Dr. Harkness will go in and remove the femur head and create a new "joint" so there won't be bone rubbing on bone.  She is expected to make a full recovery, and we'll post an update next week after the surgery to let everyone know how she is doing.
UPDATE:  Staci is scheduled for surgery
Sweet Staci was x-rayed again on Wednesday and received an injection of anti-inflammatory in the joint.  Her surgery to repair the hip joint is scheduled for next Tuesday. In the interim she’s getting rested up and ready.
Many of you have been keeping up with little Staci's progress on our website and Facebook.  After her surgery last week she is recuperating in our clinic and doing great!  She’s still not able to put weight on her back leg, so it is necessary for her to be on cage rest (sort of like bed rest for us humans).  The doughnut shaped collar keeps her from licking the incision and messing with the staples.  Throughout it all Staci has maintained a positive, happy demeanor.  She loves getting affection from the staff, and even likes visits from the vet!  Check back at the end of next week for an update on Staci!
Update 10-5-2012
Staci’s road to recovery has been a slow process of healing.  Her surgery was a huge success, and the dedicated veterinary staff at HHS continues to work with her each day to gain back strength and muscle mass.  She is beginning to put weight on the injured leg, but she still needs time to completely heal.  To date, Houston Humane Society has spent over $4,000 helping Staci recover.  Any donations to help cover the cost of Staci’s surgery, vaccinations, antibiotics, and general vet care can be made by clicking here.

200+ Dog Seizure, Northwest Houston

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Houston Humane Society’s R.A.I.D.E.R. team has rescued 241 Animals from a private Houston residence.For years the dogs have been living inside the residence in severely unclean and deplorable conditions.  By all accounts, the owner started out as a breeder and at some point stopped selling the animals which continued to breed indiscriminately resulting in this out of control situation. Sgts. Guerra and Schuelke of Precinct 6 and the Houston Humane Society R.A.I.D.E.R. team executed the warrant on 1-20-2011.  Animals have been brought to Houston Humane Society where medical evaluations will be conducted.
Monetary donations are being sought to help cover the costly medical expenses and intensive care.
Houston Humane Society needs help to handle the influx of 200+ animals.  Foster families are desperately needed to help care for some of our current pet residents to free up kennel space for the rescued dogs who need isolation and extensive veterinary care.  Monetary donations are being sought to help cover the costly medical expenses and intensive care.  If you want to assist us help these poor animals, please make a financial donation for the medical care and expenses or check our needs list for other items.
If you would like to contribute to the cost of caring for the animals on this page, please click on the link below.

Tehana, Texas Puppy Mill Seizure

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For the KHOU broadcast, please click on the following link.
For Pictures please click here

The Houston Humane RAIDER Officers teamed up with the local Panola County Sheriff's Department to investigate
a report of animal cruelty.  Until a warrant was served, the woman refused to allow authorities to conduct a welfare
check on the animals.  Once inside, the officers found 87 canines and six kittens living in severe filth.  All Animals were
kept in overcrowded, dank, dismal conditions.  It was obvious the dogs were neglected, malnourished and abused.
All 93 animals were immediately transported back to the HHS Animal Wellness Clinic for observation and care from
our staff of medical professionals.  A court date in Panola County is still pending for the near future.
If you would like to contribute to the cost of caring for the
Panola County puppies, please click on the link below. 
HHS would like to thank the ASPCA for their help with the Tehana Puppy Mill animals!

Update Cattle Seizure

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Pictures please click here
The Raider Division received a report of sick and deceased cattle with more dying daily due to poor health at a pasture
located in Southeast Houston, Harris County.  The Officers counted 13 carcasses lying throughout the pasture and
27 living, malnourished and sick cattle remaining on site.  The remaining 27 cattle were immediately removed and
seized by the Officers from an unhealthy environment.  All cattle were transported to the Houston Humane Society for
observation and care.  This case has been awarded to the Houston Humane Society.  Two criminal charges have been
accepted and already sent to the District Attorney's Office.  The charges are Cruelty to Livestock, a Class A misdemeanor.
If you would like to contribute to the cost of feeding and
caring for these cattle, please click on the link below. 

Update North Houston Canine Seizure

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Raider Division received a report on a breeder selling sick dogs.  A total of 21 canines, 11 birds, and 1 rabbit were
seized from deplorable conditions from a residence out of North Houston.  The Officers discovered the animals to be
living in a dirty and inhumane environment from which they were seized immediately thereafter.  All animals were 
transported to the Houston Humane Society for observation and care.  This case has been awarded to Houston
Humane Society and has been referred to the District Attorney's office for review. 
If you would like to contribute to the cost of medicating and
nursing these dogs back to health, please click on the link below.

Pets of the Week



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