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Special Needs Adoptables

From time to time there are animals that come and visit us that need more attention than your everyday companion.

Please contact us at 713 433-6421 or email us at if you would like to adopt one of these unique friends.

Also, check out our Project Dogs page to view some of our long term residents.


We currently do not have any Special Needs Adoptables at this time.


Below are Special Needs Adoptables that found their forever homes!




Macy is a 2 year old Pomeranian mix that loves to snuggle.  Due to a birth defect, one of Macy’s front legs did not develop as it should have.  Macy doesn’t let her handicap hold her back.  She loves to prance and dance, meet new people and give lots of hugs and kisses.

Bubba is considered a special needs dog because he has a non-contagious skin condition that occasionally results in areas of hair loss.  The hair loss is the result of stress, and at times, shelter life becomes too stressful for Bubba and be begins to lose small patches of hair.  Otherwise, he is a very healthy, happy, and active dog.   Bubba has been at the Houston Humane Society since 6/13.  It's time for him to find his forever home.  Bubba needs a loving, consistent, and stress free home so that his fur will remain soft and luxurious.

Want to meet Bubba?  He is truly a wonderful and beautiful boy who would be an excellent addition to the lives of an active person or family.  We know you will love him as much as all of us at HHS.

On September 10, two small dogs were turned in to the Houston Humane Society by a good Samaritan.  The man found the two dogs in a dumpster by his job, and they had obviously been on their own for quite some time.  The brothers, which we named Heckle & Jeckle, were severely malnourished, matted and dirty, and in pretty rough shape physically.  Heckle also suffers from an ulcer in his eye which we are currently treating.  The brothers are not up for adoption yet, but with a little time and top notch care at the HHS Animal Wellness Clinic, we hope both boys will be ready to find a forever family together.


Close up of Heckle’s eye after the first round of treatment and surgery.

Jeckle’s lonely without Heckle, and can’t wait to be reunited after Heckle’s surgery.


Here is a picture of Heckle and Jeckle after being groomed at Pink Paws!


Marshall is a Special Needs Dog that has spent a lot of time at HHS.  If you are up to a challenge and would like to get a lifetime of love, please give Marshall a chance.

 Marshall originally came to HHS as a fairly wild puppy. He was placed in our training program and was adopted after he had been here almost a year.  Thirteen months later he was returned as a stray.  When called, his former owner said that he had given him away months ago and did not want him back.  During Marshall's time on the streets, he picked up heart worms.

Marshall hates being in his kennel and has anxiety issues when taken out or placed back in his room.  Once Marshall is out, he is a changed dog.  Marshall knows sit, down, and come and can easily be walked off leash by our trainers.  He does not have a mean bone in his body, but he does have a spastic, nervous energy that you need to be careful of.  Small children are not recommended, but he does well with dogs of any size.  Marshall has also spent time at our trainers' house.  They said that he was able to relax in a home environment, liked to potty outside, and just wanted to spend his time hanging out with people.

Due to his heart worms, Marshall is a special needs dog.  He also had a seizure from overheating, so he needs to have be able to spend time indoors away from the weather.  He will do best in a home where someone is around most of the time. Before he contracted heart worms, his favorite activity was running on the treadmill. Once he has finished the heart worm treatment, he will make a great running partner.  If you have questions about Marshall or the heart worm treatment, feel free to ask the Staff, Trainers, or Level 2 (green shirt) Volunteers any questions.

We would love to see Marshall find a forever home. He deserves it.


Pets of the Week



I am a Black Labrador Retriever Mix and I am 1 and a half years old.  I am ready to find my new forever home.  Come by and see me!



I'm an adorable Black Domestic Longhair mix and I am 2 years old!  Come by and see me!  I am ready to go home today!