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Mary Warwick, Wildlife Director


Mary Warwick is the Wildlife Director of the Houston Humane Society Wildlife Department, formerly the TWRC Wildlife Center. She joined the Wildlife Center in 2019 as Executive Director. Mary received her undergraduate degree in Education and a graduate degree in Environmental Biology, from the University of Houston Clear Lake. 

Mary began her career as a veterinary technician for the Houston Zoo in 1981, where she rehabilitated native wildlife. It was at this time that she was first introduced to TWRC.  Mary later moved on to work in a large, specialty veterinary practice, teach kindergarten, run a small business, and work as a land manager for a small non-profit, all while continuing to rehabilitate wildlife and expand the number of species with which she worked. 

Mary’s passion is to reach more people through the Wildlife Department’s environmental education programs and to reach more wildlife in need through their wildlife hospital and rehabilitation program. She says, “The vast majority of animals we intake are injured or orphaned due to humans. We owe it to these animals to care for them and release them back into the wild. Our education programs are designed to teach citizens the negative impacts human actions have on wildlife and the benefits they provide us, so our citizens can make choices that are more wildlife friendly and enjoy coexisting with our urban wildlife.”