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Richard Perez, Shelter Director


Richard Perez started his career at the Houston Humane Society in November of 1987 as a volunteer to help clean and feed the shelter pets. He worked in the adoptable kennels for 4 years and moved onto the clinic for 15 years as a Veterinarian Technician where he assisted with intaking the animals in the morning and prepping the animals for surgery. 
Outside of HHS, Richard has experience in the research field for 2 1/2 years where he worked in handling primates.
After leaving there he worked for Missouri City Animal Control learning the state and local laws, impounding and releasing of pets, writing citations, and going to court. He retired from the city after 21 years of service.
Richard is now the Shelter Director for the Houston Humane Society overseeing the Adoptions, Volunteer, and Foster programs.