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Intake Wait List Program- Surrendering a pet to the Houston Humane Society
The Houston Humane Society (HHS) is unable to accept an unlimited number of animals, therefore HHS is a managed intake shelter. To provide the best possible care for the animals, we accept pets from the public as space permits. We do not euthanize healthy/adoptable animals for lack of space, and do not place time limits on animals waiting for adoption.
Completing the Pet Surrender Form adds your pet(s) to our waiting list for placement at our shelter. We will contact you when space becomes available for your pet(s).
Please note, we receive a large number of surrender requests, and we will do our best to accept your pet(s) as soon as space becomes available, as acceptance is on a first come first served basis, by animal type and size. If we have not contacted you within 30 days to accept your pet, you may resubmit the form to place your pet(s) back on the waiting list.
If you need to relinquish your animal(s) immediately, please visit this page on our website to find other shelters and rescue groups around your area.   
Please note we do not take in stray animals. In an effort to increase the likelihood of a stray being reunited with their owner we ask that you contact  your local animal services shelter for assistance.
For more information about the Houston Humane Society surrender process, please read our Animal Intake Process.
**** NOTE: If the animal you are surrendering was adopted from the Houston Humane Society, do not complete the Pet Surrender Form below. Please call 713-433-6421 to set a time for you to return the animal to us.

By completing this information, I declare UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am the legal owner/agent of the animal(s) submitted. I have answered all questions below to the best of my ability. I understand that once I surrender my animal(s) to the Houston Humane Society, I relinquish all legal rights to said animal and to any information regarding the animal(s)

surrendered and their disposition.

I further understand that there is no time guarantee, or placement of the animal(s) surrendered and also understand that the animal(s) shall be evaluated and disposition determined at the discretion of the Houston Humane Society.


Complete a separate form for each animal over 6 months of age - Litters under 6 month of age can be completed on one form - All fields must be completed. A picture of the animal(s) must be downloaded and submitted -

A picture of the entire litter can be submitted.
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