School Programs



School Programs

Your students will never forget the day an animal visited them in school. The in-school programs are one-time or multiple-day visits with the goal of bridging the gap between classroom instruction and real-world problems. We have programs for children from elementary through high school.  Our programs focus on the social-emotional intelligences using animals as a way to relate these topics to youth in a fun, engaging, and memorable way.


Reading to Paws

Reading to animals helps students improve their reading skills and build confidence in reading aloud. We will visit your classroom and students will practice their reading skills with our cuddliest animals.
Program 1: Reading to Paws – we bring animals to your class for your students to practice reading out loud
Program 2: Reading Rewards Program – incentivize your class to meet their reading goal by giving them a chance to earn a visit from HHS Animal Mascots

Rescue Dog Days

Let the rescue dogs out! Our dogs spend an afternoon socializing with multiple classes so everyone gets hands-on time with our four-legged friends. This is a great reward for a class project!

Testing Buddies/ Emotional Support Animals

Testing is often the most stressful time for students. Animals help reduce stress and anxiety by providing joy and comfort to students. We visit before or after heavy testing days to help students perform their best.
In addition to testing days, it’s always important to take some mental health days. Many school counselors and administration acknowledge the joy animals bring. Emotional Support Animal Visits give students an opportunity to connect with animals as a stress reliever.

Club Meetings

Give your club members something special by meeting and learning about Houston's homeless animals and ways in which your club can help animals in need.

Career Days

Not just for future veterinarians! There are so many careers that exist in the animal world. We will teach you about many of the exciting jobs that involve animals & bring an animal or two along with us.

Humane Education Workshops

There is so much to learn from animals! We have a variety of topics for you to choose from, developed for multiple grade levels with social-emotional learning. Plus, animals will join too!
Topic: Animal Advocacy
  • Presentation 1: Help Animals In Need: Animal Cruelty 101
  • Presentation 2: It’s Raining Cats & Dogs: Animal Overpopulation
Topic: Socioemotional Intelligence
  • Presentation 1: Bark, Meow: Reading Animal Body Language
  • Presentation 2: What Do You See? A Look at Animal Welfare
Topic: Pet Care
  • Presentation 1: Responsible Pet Ownership 101
  • Presentation 2: Why Adoption Matters: Inside HHS

Questions? Ready to Book?

Contact our Education & Community Outreach Coordinator at or 713-341-3319 to book your school program today.