School Programs



Your students will never forget the day an animal visited them in school. The Houston Humane Society’s in-school programs are a one-time or multiple day visit with the goal of bridging the gap between classroom instruction and real world problems. We have programs for children from Elementary through High School.  Our programs focus on the social-emotional intelligences by using animals in a way to relate several different topics to youth in a fun, engaging, and memorable way.
Pick from the following list of School Programs or have all at your school:

Humane Education Presentations

Career Day
  • Presentation 1: Career Day- Learn about the many careers in the animal world
Topic: Animal Advocacy
  • Presentation 1: Help Animals In Need- Animal Cruelty 101
  • Presentation 2: It’s Raining Cats & Dogs- Animal Overpopulation
Topic: Socioemotional Intelligence
  • Presentation 1: Bark, Meow- Reading Animal Body Language
  • Presentation 2: What Do You See? A Look at Animal Welfare
Topic: Pet Care
  • Presentation 1: Responsible Pet Ownership 101
  • Presentation 2: Why Adoption Matters- Inside HHS

Reading Programs

  • Program 1: Reading to Paws – we bring animals to your class or library for your students to practice reading out loud.
  • Program 2: Reading Rewards Program – incentivize your class to meet their reading goal by giving them a chance to earn a visit from HHS Animal Mascots

Emotional Support Animal Visits

  • Program 1: Test-Day Doggie De-Stress Day – We will bring dogs or puppies to help your students distress during testing
  • Program 2: Animal Anti-Bullying Awareness – Learn how animals overcome adversity and how animals can help students cope in times of stress

Fun Activities

  • Homemade Dog or Cat Treats
  • DIY Pet Toys
  • Adopt Me Posters: Help a Shelter Animal Get Adopted
  • Puppy/Kitty Pen Pals
  • How to start your own Humane Society Club
  • Field trips to Houston Humane Society Animal Shelter
Contact our Education & Community Outreach Coordinator at or 713-341-3319 to book your school program today.