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adopt-ambassadorThe Houston Humane Society’s Adoption Ambassador Program is an innovative adoption strategy where YOU play the most important role!  A spin-off of our life-saving Foster Program, the Adoption Ambassador Program is taking fosters to the next level.  Adoption Ambassadors provide temporary housing and care, but they also network the pet in their social circle and are empowered to process the adoption when the right family is found. 
  • Adoption Ambassadors take an animal home with them and make it their mission to help find that animal’s forever home through community events, social media, networking with family and friends, etc.
  • While in your care, your furry friend gets to work on his or her social skills, housetraining, basic manners, etc. 
  • Many of the animals at the Houston Humane Society are used to living in a home environment, and the Adoption Ambassador Program gets them back into a home and helps reduce stress. 
What the Houston Humane Society provides:
  • The dog or cat is spay/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and has had a general health exam.  If the animal needs any veterinary care, the HHS provides it at our clinic at no charge.
  • Support and help along the way!  Our dedicated team is here to offer advice, help with consultations, and provide safe, community events each weekend you can take your pet to in hopes of finding a forever home.
  • Your choice of an adopt me vest or bandana to help you show off your foster when on walks, at the dog park, community events, etc.
  • The training you need to help your foster pet.
What YOU provide:
  • Basic daily care like food, water, hair brushing/grooming/bathing.  In the case of cats, also litter.
  • Assist in housetraining efforts and working on basic manners while in your care.
  • Hugs and kisses!
If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an Adoption Ambassador, please contact our Adoption Department at 713-433-6421.

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