Spay Neuter Services

Office Visit Fee (Including Medical Waste Fee)  
Mon-Wed;Fri $20, Sat $30
Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Dog spay: up to 30 lbs = $75
    • 31-60 lbs = $90
    • 61-90 lbs = $110
    • 91 lbs and over = Quote Necessary
  • Dog neuter: up to 30 lbs = $60
    • 31-60 lbs = $70
    • 61-90 lbs = $90
    • 91 lbs and over = Quote Necessary
  • Cat spays = $50
  • Cat neuters = $40
Any dog spay/neuter that is 91 lbs and over will need to come in for a doctor’s exam to get a quote for surgery.  The quote will include surgery, bloodwork, fluids, and additional sedatives such as propoflo.  
Post Operative Pain Medication = $8

*Extract Deciduous Teeth (per tooth) = $15

*Umbilical Hernia Repair = $25

*Cherry Eye Removal (ea) = $25
The HHS offers limited surgical declawing by licensed veterinarians in an effort to help cats remain in their homes. 
*Declaw (Front Only) (cats only) (Must be 6 months old) = $120
  (includes pain reducer injection and 3 days of take home meds)      

*Must be performed at time of spay/neuter surgery.

Complication Services for Cats and Dogs - Extra Charges:
(determined by veterinarian during surgery)
  Canine Estrus (in heat)
Canine Pregnancy

$25 - $100

  Feline Estrus (in heat)
Feline Pregnancy
$25 - $100
Either Species:  
  Cryptorchid (retained testicle)
price will vary

To schedule a spay/neuter appointment, please call (713) 433-6421 OR request an appointment online.



Clients MUST schedule an appointment for all Spay/Neuter surgeries, your options are calling 713-433-6421, emailing a request to our receptionist or by coming to the Shelter in person. Due to high call volume, our online appointment request is the preferred method to request an appointment.  Before we can schedule your spay/neuter appointment, we must receive a non-refundable $30 pre-payment, either by credit/debit card over the phone, or by cash in person. This $30 fee will be credited toward the cost of your pet's surgery, along with any other services performed on that day.

NOTE: All animals altered by the HHS receive a tattoo signifying the animal has been sterilized, thereby preventing unnecessary future surgery. Tattooed animals are generally held longer at shelters and animal controls and are more often put up for adoption

If it is necessary to reschedule your spay/neuter appointment, you must provide us with at least 3 days notice in order for us to transfer your $30 prepayment to a new appointment date. Failure to keep a scheduled appointment or failure to give at least 3 days' notice for rescheduling an existing appointment will result in loss of your $30 prepayment.

For animals over 5 years of age we require the general Total Health profile blood work for $80 and the heartworm test for $23.  Blood work is done the morning of surgery and must be prepaid at the same time that the appointment is scheduled along with the non-refundable $30 deposit that is required for surgery. The blood work checks on the organ’s functions in the body. This is done for the safety of the animal.

NOTE: The Houston Humane Society highly recommends that your dog(s) have a Bordetella (kennel cough) at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.  The Bordetella does not prevent from all upper respiratory diseases. The stress of being away from normal surroundings can lower the animal’s immune system, making them more susceptible to illness.  Please help other pets by helping yours!

We do offer the intra-nasal Bordetella in our Wellness Center for $18 plus office visit fee. 

FERAL CAT SPECIAL = $60 each cat

Male and Female
Maximum 2 cats

We only Spay/Neuter Feral Cats on Mon-Wed, Fri - Sat.

No deposit or appointment needed. Must arrive between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.
Special includes: neuter- rabies vaccination- office visit- metacam (24 hour pain medicine). One ear WILL be notched for identification.



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