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Coco Puff

Want to know something neat about me? There's a little sign on my kennel door that says, "lock the back door." Want to know why? It's because I'm a smart little cookie. Too smart for my own good. Noticing that there really wasn't too much to do in these tiny little kennel rooms, I got bored. So I spent some time watching volunteers and staffers go in and out of my kennel room to feed me, walk me, give me water and stuff, and, what do you know, I learned how to push my back door open to get to the back room. Too bad I don't know how to them pull my door back open to get back into my original kennel. Kind of stinks getting stuck back there.

Anyway, in addition to being a little smarty, I am also a little sweetheart. So calm and mellow. I love giving kisses. Not the over-the-top-lick-you-all-over-your-face-kind-of-kiss. Just the occasional, single kiss on your hand.