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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Juniper
Hello, I wanted to send you this photo of Juniper, who I adopted from HHS in January at 15 years old. This sweet girl is doing great, she's gained 10 pounds and loves to roam our property and then sleep hard on a fluffy bed. Love this girl! Thank you, HHS. Susan
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Rocky
Here is Rocky! We adopted him October 2011 after we fostered him and his litter mates from 2 weeks old to 4 months old. Best decision we ever made!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Sandy
We adopted Sandy, formerly Angel, in Dec 2004. Sadly she left us last week. What a great dog she was. We will miss her. Sue and Joe
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Hanah
My husband and I adopted Hannah last April from y'all and she is so precious!! Thanks again! Before and after pictures tell a lot
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Mickey and Paris
On Feb 9 I visited HHS specifically to meet Mickey, a tiny Yorkie owner surrender, supposedly 8 years old. He wasn't very personable, very scared and actually tried to bite me. He weighed barely 4 lbs.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Boogie
This formerly unemployed Street thug Chug was recently released from confinement.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Spot
We adopted spot in May of 2016. He loves his new home especially his best friend.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Bella
Hello! I adopted Bella, a terrier mix, from HHS in late December 2014. It was the best decision of my life! I wanted to reach out to you all and thank you for taking the time (an hour and a half, actually) to help make sure I picked the right dog for my lifestyle.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Baby Jr
Hello, we've been meaning to write this for a while. We adopted our dog formerly known as 'Baby Jr' at the Houston Humane Society last year.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Coco
We thank you every day for coco! And she thanks you as well!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Athena
Thank you so much! She's such a sweet and loving puppy and has been such a blessing to our lives.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Darth Vader and Princess Leia
We adopted Darth Vader (Formerly Augustino) and Princess Leia last January. Originally we adopted Princess Leia, but when I went in to get her, I kept being drawn to this older cat, who was kinda grouchy in the cat condos, he was a large cat, who kinda kept to himself.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Rory
I was at the HHS in 2003 looking to adopt a dog and decided to swing through the cat section as a lark. However, as I walked through, a little orange tabby kitten put his little paws on the window as I walked by and started meowing.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Clara
Clara (adopted 2/4) is fitting right in at her new home.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Maxxine
I feel like the journey I had with Maxxine was so worth the effort. The day I went to go pick up my new furry friend I was disheartened to hear she had heartworms. It's a hard pill to swallow knowing you'll have to pay for expensive treatments right off the bat. I decided I could't let her go, and with the help of some donations though the Humane Society I adopted Max.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Lexie
I thought you might like to see a few pictures of our little Lexie(Valentine).
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