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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Kona
We adopted Kona (formerly Cola Bear) on 7/30/16. We celebrated Kona's first adoptaversary yesterday with his big brother, Ranger! He has come a long way in one year. He has grown, his coat is much softer and fuller, and we worked on some behavior issues through training!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Pippa
We adopted Pippa last October. She is good as gold. I still can't for the life of me understand how she could have been surrendered by her owner. She is calm, sweet and loving. We love her to the moon and back. Just wanted you to see how she is doing.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Fabio
I had visited the Humane Society multiple times looking for the absolute perfect fit for our home of 3 older cats. Everytime we thought we had found the right one, the kitty we were looking at would get adopted before we made up our mind.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Moose
Hello, Just writing to say that Moose (formerly "Rocky") is doing well in his new home. He loves his big brothers to pieces and especially loves being outside in the backyard.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Polo
My husband and I recently adopted Polo from the Houston Humane Society. When we first met him, he was in need of a good bath.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Ninja
When I adopted ninja (used to be dulamite) he had heart worms and no one else wanted him. His "roommate" would eat his food so he was very skinny. He is very timid but loves his family! And we love him! He was treated for heart worms and is now very healthy.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Scotty
Just wanted to say, thankyou for allowing us to adopt Rolly into his forever home. He fits right into our family. We enjoy every minute of his company. He saw the family Vet and received a clean bill of health and a warm welcome. Wanted to share his picture of his first hair cut.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Nike
We adopted Nike formerly Nike Mary in April 2016. She is simply the most amazing dog in the world to us and made our family complete.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Colter
Happy girl. She is the best Dog. We love here so much
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Juniper
Hello, I wanted to send you this photo of Juniper, who I adopted from HHS in January at 15 years old. This sweet girl is doing great, she's gained 10 pounds and loves to roam our property and then sleep hard on a fluffy bed. Love this girl! Thank you, HHS. Susan
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Rocky
Here is Rocky! We adopted him October 2011 after we fostered him and his litter mates from 2 weeks old to 4 months old. Best decision we ever made!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Sandy
We adopted Sandy, formerly Angel, in Dec 2004. Sadly she left us last week. What a great dog she was. We will miss her. Sue and Joe
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Hanah
My husband and I adopted Hannah last April from y'all and she is so precious!! Thanks again! Before and after pictures tell a lot
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Mickey and Paris
On Feb 9 I visited HHS specifically to meet Mickey, a tiny Yorkie owner surrender, supposedly 8 years old. He wasn't very personable, very scared and actually tried to bite me. He weighed barely 4 lbs.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Boogie
This formerly unemployed Street thug Chug was recently released from confinement.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Spot
We adopted spot in May of 2016. He loves his new home especially his best friend.
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