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Happy Tail Bibi

Dear Houston Humane Society Team,
British Greetings! - meaning to write a long time..
Already saved/ rescued a cat from the trash within the Houston region, I adopted from you 2012 a lovely cat called then ‘Bibi’, (going under another name now), so my other cat would not be so alone.
Both girls get on really well. 
I was in a dark gloomy relationship then which went bad, and in this time also I adopted two more strays, it happens, they came my way. 
It is said animals pick you:)
- called then ‘Bibi’ 
- progress from quite afraid into feeling really relaxed 
- having love surround her, she now dribbles with joy all over me 
- I am sure she was abused, as she would only trust her head being touched and not the rest of her, so brushing was difficult
- she enjoys her food time, I think she was starved from the previous owner and pushed away, took a while in feeling safe while eating
- her previous owner was not correct of her characteristics on the form, like the brushing
- Then new bright lovely surroundings with Balcony (safe and enclosed) :)
Now a cat mum and a family of 4 cats, two boys and the two girls all sorted and doing well together with me here, 
from a huge International move back to Europe South Germany, (not doing that again, I was a wreck, they were fine, I made sure of it!) 
enjoying now a balcony and birdie watching with there mum.
- all about the same age 5 or 6 now
American Indian saying - 'It is said when we die, all the animals will meet us on a bridge that we helped and loved..'

Ms. J.D.

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