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Happy Tail May and Ruby

Thank you so much for my beautiful babies.  It was well worth the drive from Tampa, Fl to Houston.  May is still a little shy but we are working with her to trust.  Ruby is coming out of her shell just nicely.  They love going to the park to run and play with other dogs.  They have toys galore and blankets to snuggle with, and of course my bed to sleep on.  May is still trying to eat out of her own dish but still likes to share with Ruby, who just eats everything.  Treats, again Ruby is the little piggy.  I want to take them both to the salon to get beautified but May is still a little shy that I just don’t want to upset her.  Potty training is still a struggle but we keep trying.  Puppy pads are around the house but May likes to dig and chew them up.  But I love them and really after what they have been thru I guess they can do as they please. There are still some from the Grimes Co Confiscation so please Adopt before you Shop, and make their Holiday a Happy one.  It just takes Patience. They just need TLC and time to Trust that all humans are not bad.
Thank you for my babies and have a great Holiday Season.



I wish I had a better pic but they just won’t sit still long enough. Next time.