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Happy Tail Sparkle

htsparkle(2)Hi all,
I wanted to give you another update on Sparkle who was adopted 06/28/2015.
I was looking for a small dog to be a therapy dog with the Animal Assisted Therapy group I volunteer with. My miniature schnauzer had died a month earlier and my standard poodle Kandi was really mourning the loss of her buddy and I was too. Sparkle looked like the one when I saw her on the website, and she did in person as well.
Three years later, Sparkle continues to be a great addition to the family.
Kandi is almost 13 years old now and has arthritis but loves to play with Sparkle and is definitely not depressed. Sparkle became a therapy dog in April 2016 and has been a phenomenal therapy dog. She brings smiles to all she comes in contact with and loves the attention. She snuggles in with hospitalized children and adults.