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Happy Tail Sunflower

Our family adopted Sunflower one month ago. We learned she was part of a large seizure, this summer which just breaks my heart and the reason I wanted to share our story.

On Sunflower's way home, she was just terrified but quickly warmed up to her new home and family, including her new cat sister, Pinkie and her new Chi Corgi brother, Quinn. Sunflower's name seemed to fit so we kept it and added a few AKAs; Sunny, Sunny Bunny, Sunny Baby and Sunny D, to name a few. She happily answers to them all. 

We were told that she would need house training, leash training and major socializing. Sad to think she was in a dirty cage most of her life, instead of being the happy pup she was meant to be. I feel like she finally is learning how to be a dog! She got the socializing down quickly and Quinn taught her how to play. She was a little confused at first but seemed to get it down quickly. We're working on on house training but she's a quick learner. Such a smart girl!

She was a little scared of being outside at first, ok, terrified but we took baby steps and after a few days, she became a pro at back yard bunny hops, and frolicking with Quinn, one of her favorite things! Another one of her other favorite things to do is to run up and down the stairs with Quinn. She likes to show off because she can take two steps at a time, at half his size! 

Sunny is not so great on a leash yet but we're working on it. I know she will get there soon! 

Every day I come home, Sunflower happily greets me at the door, wagging her tail! After a long day of running, taking all of her toys out of her toy basket and spreading them all over the stairs, Sunny loves to sit on my lap where she enjoys sleeping and getting back rubs! 

We had about 13 family members over for Thanksgiving and Sunflower impressed all of them with her sunny disposition. She truly is a wonderful fit for our family! If anyone is apprehensive about adopting any of the dogs from this seizure, I assure you it's been the best decision we made and I can honestly say she brings us joy every day. We're fortunate to have her and will always keep in mind what she went through before coming home to us. She seems as if she has put it all behind her though. Thank you to the wonderful people at the humane society for saving her!

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