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Why are you walking past me? It can't be my looks. I'm stunning. I am a tall, tan dog with stunning eyes to boot. And we all know my coloring and breed are as rare as precious gemstones. It can't be my personality, because I'm just lovely. I'm a peaceful, fun-loving, dog-loving, kind guy.

I think I might know why you're walking past me. I'm middle-aged. You do know that middle-aged dogs are the best, right? Think back on your life. When you were in your teens and twenties, you probably weren't too much of a joy to be around. Such is the case with puppies and adolescent dogs, too. Dogs do not "become" themselves until they are fully grown, mature, and...well, middle-aged. I got plenty of good life left, and I'd like to live it with you. I'll be good to you, and we will be able to pack in all sorts of great moments in the many years I have left.

Finally, somewhere on my kennel card, you see a note that says I am energetic. And maybe I was when I first came here. But I really cooled down. The person writing this bio for me has met me several times, and she thinks my energy level is somewhere in the low to moderate range. But I am big, so I will need some space to do my own thing.