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Gentle Giant. I am the definition of it. I look like a big brown bear, but please don't be afraid of me. Because, in reality, I am one loving, kind, affectionate, compassionate dog. I am so well-behaved, responsive to your verbal and physical commands. I also show signs of being an especially intuitive dog-watching for even your most subtle cues. One of the volunteers here even remarked that I could have made for an assist dog or police dog back in my day, because I am just that intuitive. I pay close attention to my environment, and I remain calm in even the most chaotic of situations. I am one bright boy who's going to make someone very happy someday.
Now, one small caution about me: Everything suggests I am extraordinarily well-behaved and loving to all adult humans and other animals, but I do not like children. Now, if you have this image of me barreling toward your kids with my teeth showing, you've got it all wrong. I don't want to hurt children. I am scared of them. I am afraid they are going to hurt me. They're loud. They pull and tug and jump and run, and it's just all too much. But, let's admit it. You're probably a little scared of kids, too. If you're a parent of little ones, you're probably really scared of kids. They can do some real damage and can throw some serious tantrums, right?! So, you're probably with me when I say that I am afraid of kids.