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Aaron Grady, Shelter Director


Aaron Grady joined Houston Humane Society as Shelter Director in February 2023. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas State University and brings with him six years of experience as Director of Operations at the San Antonio Humane Society.
He is passionate about removing barriers to pet ownership and is an advocate for barrier-free, education-based adoption processes. Before coming to HHS, Aaron’s leadership contributed to more than 26,000 homeless pets finding loving homes.  Aaron is committed to maximizing education as a tool for building a community of responsible pet owners and providing equitable access to animal care and pet ownership resources. He has been successful at building innovative and lifesaving shelter programs to provide sight, scent, and sound daily enrichment for animals and reduce their overall length of stay.
Aaron has experience with crisis management, budgeting, staffing processes, and program evaluation. He has lent his diverse expertise to support shelter improvement projects including the construction of a 17,500 sq. ft. shelter medical building and a full facility remodel.  He has been a member of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement since 2017.