Behavior Rehabilitation Center


Houston Humane Society's  Behavior Rehabilitation Program helps dogs learn life skills that they will need in order to be a companion. Some dogs come from a cruelty background where they were neglected, and some were previously owned and simply having trouble adjusting to life at a shelter.

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What Is HHS’ Behavior Rehabilitation Center?

Houston Humane Society’s Behavior Rehabilitation Center is an initiative with a main goal of giving dogs with a rough start a second chance. This is done by our Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Behaviorists creating a customized behavior therapy plan for each dog that enters the center. These plans include positive reinforcement training, enrichment, desensitization, socialization with humans and other animals, and many more methods.

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VOLUNTEER with the Behavior Rehabilitation Center:

If giving shelter dogs a second chance is something you would like to get involved with, please sign up to volunteer here.

Current Volunteer Openings:

Socializing Shifts
What exactly will the socializing shifts look like?
You will learn about some of our dogs in our program (not all of them will be ready for this exercise), what socialization is and how to interact with extremely fearful dogs and potentially fear aggressive dogs (with supervision).
The goal of this opportunity is to expose these dogs to unfamiliar people to help them build positive relationships with seeing people they don't see every day in a safe and controlled way.
What you need to know:
1. You must have gone through color training in order to participate. Meaning, you must be approved to walk yellow, green, and purple dogs.
2. You must be 18+
3. Be respectful of the dog's space and instruction from the trainers. We are here to set our dogs up for success and will be giving you instructions on what we need you to do in order to help our dogs.
4. Come with a willingness to learn! You will be exposed to some interesting dogs that you may not be able to touch or interact with right away.

Current BRC Graduates Available For Adoption