Behavior Rehabilitation Center


Houston Humane Society's Behavior Rehabilitation Program helps dogs learn life skills that they will need in order to be a companion pet. Our team of qualified behavior specialists create individual plans customized to the dog to streamline positive results in each case. This includes enrichment, being a part of our structured playgroup model, and daily training sessions. Dogs who need this intervention are not “bad dogs”, they are dogs who had an unconventional journey that has led them here, and need a little extra structure to thrive in a shelter environment.

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HHS’ Behavior Rehabilitation Center Mission: Houston Humane Society’s Behavior Rehabilitation Center’s mission is to give dogs in need of more structure a second or third chance at being a successful candidate for adoption, thus increasing the success rate of HHS’ adoption program altogether. We extend our program to other community shelter organizations when able to further our life saving efforts. Our commitment is to employ positive reinforcement-based training methods, tailored to each dog's unique needs and history. We believe in addressing the root causes of behavioral issues, working towards a harmonious relationship between dogs and their human companions.


(PLEASE NOTE: Our behavior rehabilitation center is for shelter dogs only, we are not currently offering public training services at this time)


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Dogs Playing For Life has developed an amazing initiative that will help foster positive mental health and socialization benefits for shelter dogs. Houston Humane Society’s behavior team has been recognized by Dogs Playing For Life for their hard work in creating a well run playgroup program that continues to prove that being able to play can change the way a dog sees the outside world, especially from inside a shelter.

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Current BRC Graduates Available For Adoption