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Houston Humane Society Mango
Meet Mango! Back in May, Mango's mom was brought in with 16 other pigs, 3 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs from an animal cruelty seizure Houston Humane Society has since nursed all the animals back to health and 1 month ago Mango's momma gave birth to 6 healthy piglets!
Houston Humane Society Timmy
Timmy is a 5 yr old kitty. I am a survivor of cruelty. I am still a bit shy towards humans and still adjusting from where I came from.
Houston Humane Society Candy
Candy is a 4-year-old Terrier mix who was picked up as a stray all the way back in January and brought to the Houston Humane Society to start a new life.
Houston Humane Society Mama Minty
Mama Minty came to the shelter in April 2020 because her original parents could no longer take care of her.
Houston Humane Society Luca
Luca is a 2 year old Alaskan Mix. She came to the shelter as a stray, found on the streets with no home. She adores kids, loves to be brushed and cannot get enough of belly rubs.
Houston Humane Society Lucy
Lucy is a 3 year old sweet and talkative lady who loves to cuddle and crawl in your lap. She also love to pose for the camera when she gets the chance.
Houston Humane Society Herma
Herma is a 6 year old loving gal. She came to the shelter from the valley, with an injured leg that required amputation. Herma is better and stronger than ever.
Houston Humane Society Olva
Olva is a 5 year old shepherd mix who enjoys her walks very much. Olva's leash manners are very good. She also enjoys toys, big toys, small toys, Olva is just ready to play!
Houston Humane Society Crispy
Crispy is 1-year-old kitty cat. Crispy was found living on the streets near the shelter. He was just a baby kitten so he went to get all the extra care that he needed with a lovely foster.
Houston Humane Society Rose
Rose is a 1 year old loving and attention-seeking little gal. She loves to be petted and brushed.
Houston Humane Society Snoopy
Snoopy is a 5 year old Beagle mix. He resembles the Snoopy character and is just as clever as him too.
Houston Humane Society Leia
Leia is a 2 year old entertainer. She is guaranteed to give you a proper greeting and show. You can find her always looking out at the entrance to the Cat room, waiting for someone to finally choose her to go home with.
Houston Humane Society Missy
Missy is a 3-year-old lab mix. Someone loves her just as much as we do, she suffers from heartworms but an amazing supporter has sponsored Missy's treatment.
Houston Humane Society Pumpkin
Sweet Pumpkin is our truest of heroes here at the shelter. This mama gave birth to two adorable kittens Spice and Latte who were quickly adopted.
Houston Humane Society Budgies
Parakeets are a general name for any small to medium-size species of bird that has long tail feathers, but these are technically called BUDGIES.
Houston Humane Society Cash
Cash is a 3-year-old, male Hound Mix weighing in at 52lbs. He came to us in the Katy Animal Cruelty Seizure back on February 28 with 220 other animals.
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