Doggy Day Out

Doggy Day Out Program

Gift your time to our shelter dogs! By taking them out for just a few hours a day, our temporary residents can exert pent up energy as well as be mentally stimulated to new experiences and people!
As a result of a Doggy Day Out, our dogs are less anxious or exuberant when they meet potential adopters and they gain useful life skills that they wouldn’t get from just sitting and waiting in the shelter.
Another added bonus is that people who are not likely to come into shelters are still able to see our available animals!

How to participate?

Joining Doggy Day Out is easy. To get started, please complete the questionnaire and we can begin finding a pup for you!
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your message.

Key Benefits

On a Doggy Day Out, our animals have an opportunity to experience new sights and smell helping them build confidence and come out of their shell. Plus you get a best friend for a day to explore this beautiful city with!
If there are three things everyone in animal sheltering knows it’s this:
• Pets are good for people.
• People are good for pets.
• When you get them together, everyone benefits.

What Dogs Qualify for this Program?

All dogs for regular adoption are available for a Doggy Day Out!
What each dog is allowed or able to do during their Doggy Day Out may vary based on their behavioral or medical needs.

Additional Questions

For general question/ info /non-emergencies: DoggyDayOut@HoustonHumane.org