Become a Foster

Fostering an animal is a very emotionally rewarding experience! Helping an animal in need that needs extra time, love and care will bring you and your family a lot of joy and wonderful memories. 
What types of pet need a Foster home?
  • Sick/Injured Pets: Animals recovering from illness or injury may need a quiet place to recover and receive extra love and care.
  • Under 8 weeks: HHS often takes animals that are too young to live at the shelter and we rely on foster families to help these little ones. Some may be orphaned and require the care of a person to feed, clean, and raise the orphan(s). Others may be eating/using the bathroom on their own but are still under 8 weeks and just need a place to crash until they are of age. 
  • Nursing Mothers: A shelter is no place for a new family, nursing mothers need a quiet place to raise their babies. Nursing mothers are wonderful because they do all the work and the foster family just provides the loving temporary home. 
  • Undersocialized/Scared: Animals who have been neglected may be too timid to live at the shelter and a foster home can help them overcome their fearfulness and flourish, thus making them more adoptable. 
  • Long Term Residents: Some animals are overlooked through no fault of their own and live at the shelter for several months. Foster homes are important for these animals because it gives them a chance to feel secure, loved, and decompress from shelter life. ‚Äč
  • It's quite easy, first you need to fill out the required application here.
  • Then you meet with our Foster Coordinator
  • Once approved you can get started on saving lives today!
For any questions or concerns regarding Fostering please contact our Foster Coordinator at foster@houstonhumane.org or call (713)-341-3318