Your Legacy, Our Future


Legacy For Life Legacy Society
When you include Houston Humane Society in your estate plan, you are providing life-saving care and relief for the animals of Houston. Your legacy gift will ensure that Houston Humane Society can continue to impact those we serve for years to come.
Start Planning Your Legacy
There are several ways you can leave a legacy gift
  • Charitable Bequest – Designate Houston Humane Society as a beneficiary in your will or Trust. Leave a specific amount, percentage, or property to ensure a lasting impact. Contact your attorney for more information.
  • IRA Charitable Rollover – Designate Houston Humane Society as a beneficiary of your retirement account or make tax deductible donations from your account. Contact your IRA institute for more information.
How to Become a Member
1. Contact Us – We are here to assist you in leaving a meaningful legacy gift. Please contact our development team at or 713-341-3306.
2. Submit the Planned Gift Intention Form – Notify us of your gift and enroll in our Legacy For Life circle. Please request this form by emailing
3. Let Us Know! – If Houston Humane Society is already included in your planned giving, please notify us via email or phone.
Guardian Angels Program
We understand that pets are not merely animal companions, but are members of your family. When creating a will, your pet(s) should also be considered and included. Houston Humane Society’s Guardian Angels Program provides your precious pet a place to stay until they are adopted to a new loving family.
How to Enroll
  • Become a member of our Legacy For Life circle. (See above for instructions)
  • Submit the Guardian Angel Program form
  • Submit the Pet Profile form – Allow us to learn from you about your pet so we can better properly care for and match them with the most suitable home.