Pet Pantry


The Houston Humane Society Pet Pantry supports Houston residents in caring for their pets by providing free pet food and supplies to pet owners needing assistance, especially those experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19, via the creation of their Pet Pantry programs.
The Pet Pantry programs include offsite community events where you can drive up and get free dog and cat food, and a monthly assistance pet food program.

How can you get free pet food?
Pet Pantry Events
In order to help as many pets as possible, the Houston Humane Society partners with local organizations and officials to bring pet food to the community in Houston at various locations. Please click  here to see upcoming dates and locations of our Pet Pantry events.
Once you arrive at a Pet Pantry event, please remain in your car and get in line. A staff/volunteer will provide a Registration Form for you to complete. The form will be picked up as you proceed in line and the pet food is given to you. The pet food will be placed into the trunk of your car.  
Our pet food will be provided on a first come first serve basis, and distributed until supply is depleted. Note: some pet pantry events are busier than others, thus we may run out of food before the stated end time.

To print the obligatory Pet Pantry form and fill it out in advance, please click here to download.


Pet Pantry Monthly Assistance Program
The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the pet owner community in Houston. To further assist people in need, the Houston Humane Society’s Pet Pantry has created a Monthly Assistance Program for those that require a more long-term solution in feeding their animals. Our goal is to increase the ability of pet owners to keep pets at home and off the streets by providing free pet food. With this temporary assistance, your pet is permanent.
Proof of income verification is required. Accepted applicants can receive free food once a month for up to 6 months. To qualify, all dogs & cats must be spayed/neutered. To apply, please fill out an application below.
The Pet Pantry Monthly Assistance Program is for temporary assistance (6 months), and is intended to supplement the pet food you serve to your pets. This program does not provide an entire month's worth of food. Participation in this program releases the Houston Humane Society (HHS) from all liability. HHS is not responsible for providing an entire month’s worth of pet food. HHS reserves the right to refuse assistance to anyone.

Pet Pantry Monthly Assistance Program Application


How much pet food will I get?
  • Dry food: Cats will receive 4lb bag(s), and Dogs will receive 10lb bag(s). Exact quantities fluctuate depending on our supply and the weight of your pet(s).
  • Wet food: May be provided upon request depending on availability. If your pets solely eat wet food, please email in advance to notify us of this diet restriction.
  • Food cannot be guaranteed for more than 3 pets per household.
  • The Pet Pantry program is designed to supplement the food you are able to provide; we are unable to become your sole resource of pet food.
Can I request specialty food?
  • Yes, but we are unable to guarantee we can fulfill your request. Please email with any special needs (puppy/kitten, senior, weight control, grain free, etc.)
Do you only provide cat & dog food?
  • We only bring cat & dog food to each offsite event, but if you have birds and/or a small mammal (bunny/rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, etc.) please email If we have the type of food you need, we can bring some with us to our event and reserve it for you.
  • We do not provide food for chickens, pigs, cows, or horses.
Where do I pick up the pet food?
  • If you are going to an offsite event, please check our events calendar
  • If you’re an approved Monthly Assistance Program participant, food pick up will be at 14700 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX 77053.
Can I just show up and request pet food?
  • At offsite events yes, as these are on a first come first serve basis. However, some events are busier than others so keep in mind that we may run out of food before the scheduled end time.
  • We do not accept Pet Pantry walk-ins at the shelter. To pick up food at the shelter, a confirmed appointment is required.
 Who can use the Pet Pantry?
  • The HHS Pet Pantry is open to any pet owner that is experiencing economic hardship and needs temporary assistance in feeding their pet(s).
Will food be taken away from shelter animals to give to public pets?
  • No, not at all! The food used by our Pet Pantry program is donated specifically for the Pet Pantry. If you want to donate food for this amazing program, please go here.
Who do I contact for more information?
  • You are welcome to email or call/text (832) 776-0481 with any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

I'm appreciative of the help that the Houston Humane Society is giving in providing food for my adorable pets.

Buen trabajo que están haciendo aquí en la labor para los animalitos. Que también son animales y necesitan su alimentación. Y que bueno que empezaron a dar esto desde una buena hora. Gracias.