Have a Heart Treatment Fund



The Houston Humane Society’s “Have a Heart Treatment Fund” was created to help cure the hundreds of amazing and sweet adoptable dogs that come into our adoption program that suffer from heartworms.
Heartworm disease is a medical condition that curable. Due to Houston's hot and humid climate, mosquitos breed almost year-round and most dogs are at risk of getting bit, thus contracting heartworms, which is literally what it sounds like: worms in their heart.
A Heartworm-positive dog deserves the same chance to find a forever home, like those that aren’t HW Positive. Their condition puts them at a disadvantage due to its treatment cost as some adopters do not have the monetary means to treat this curable disease.


We need your help to give dogs like the ones below a second chance at a new life and get them adopted. By donating to our “Have a Heart Treatment Fund”, you help increase the chances of a heartworm-positive dog getting adopted, and you also give them a stronger and healthier heart! This is where your donation can make a difference!
Donate now to help us treat dogs that suffer from heartworm disease at our shelter. Now, if you fall in love with a particular dog in our adoptions program that has heartworms, you can make a specific donation to help sponsor his or her heartworm treatment directly.
*Here at the Houston Humane Society, we want to help our adopters and adoptable animals as best as we can by offering the lowest price to adopters for heartworm treatment.
These are the dogs currently in our shelter in need of Heartworm Treatment: