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Informational Videos

COVID-19 Info for Pet Owners

Informational Videos

It is important that you understand the signs of a possible illness or other condition that your pet may have. We have provided a variety of informational videos as a reference so that you can know just what to look for and how to care for your animal following his or her veterinary clinic visit with us. These videos discuss how to properly detect fleas, canine heartworms, and internal parasites, which can be life-threatening to your pet.

Our certified veterinarians at our Wellness Clinic can properly care for your pet if you suspect that he or she is dealing with any of these conditions.


How to Treat Fleas

To learn more about fleas and how to treat fleas, please watch this video: Flea Video


Heartworm Disease

Dogs in Houston, TX are very susceptible to Heartworm disease and it can be fatal. To learn more about heartworms and how to treat, watch this video: Heartworm Video


Internal Parasites

To see if your pet is suffering from internal parasites, watch this video: Internal Parasites Video


Pet Wellness

Routine wellness exams for your pet are very important for their health. Watch this video to learn more: Pet Wellness Video


The importance of Vaccines

Why does your pet need vaccines? Watch this video to learn more: Vaccines


Exercise your Pet

Exercising your pet is crucial to maintaining their health. Learn more about it here: Exercising Your Pet Video

COVID-19 Info for Pet Owners

What Pet Owners Should Know about Coronavirus COVID-19

We want you to be knowledgeable, prepared, and to know the facts when it comes to COVID-19 and your pets.


Houston Humane Society Medical Director Tony Malone provides some answers to questions regarding your pets and the virus.


Spread of Coronavirus from pets 

There is currently little evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19 to people. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as soon as it becomes available.


Medical Director Tony Malone suggests until more is known about this virus, if you are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19, do not expose yourselves to your pet or other animals. Follow the orders to stay home and restrict contact with your pet.


Have a Plan for Your Pets

Pet owners should always include pets in their family's emergency preparedness planning and ensure enough food and product to care for pets' needs.

  • Identify a family member or friend who can care for pets
  • Have crates, food and extra supplies on hand
  • Keep all animal vaccines up to date in the event of boarding
  • Ensure all medications are documented with dosages and administering directions. Including the prescription
  • Pets should have identification: collar with ID tag and microchip
How to Stay Healthy Around Your Pet
We recommend washing hands or sanitizing to prevent any disease from spreading, animals need not wear a face mask to be protected from COVID-19. 
Updated 4/14/2020