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If you’re interested in adding a four-legged friend to your family, our animal shelter is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a puppy or an older dog, check out the following section to see some of our available options. If you see a furry friend that you’d like to meet, contact our adoption center to set up a visit.

While finding the right pet for your family is important, don’t forget about vet care. Our animal clinic is proud to provide innovative veterinary services to furry friends across Houston, TX and the surrounding regions. From pet vaccinations and spay/neuter solutions to preventative animal services and everything in between. Reach out to book an appointment for your next vet care visit!


The Houston Humane Society offers promotions year-round, encouraging community support to care for local pets in need of responsible owners. Check back frequently for additional promotions offered by the Houston Humane Society that may involve our adoption and veterinary clinic services! If you have any questions about our current promotions, you can always contact us to speak with a friendly representative.