The Houston Humane Society is a proud Ambassador of GOODS, a signature program of that donates millions of pounds of nutritious pet food to animal organizations like the Houston Humane Society. The food we receive via this amazing program goes to our Recipient Network of organizations and our Pet Pantry program which helps feed thousands of pets in Houston and surrounding communities. For more information or to find an Ambassador near you, visit the GOODS program page.
How does the GOODS program work?
Pet food is donated by manufacturers and distributors when it is close to its "best by" date, may have minor packaging defects, or is in the process of being rebranded. The GOODS program obtains this food and makes food grants available to animal welfare groups, allowing shelters like ours to use our scarce resources for other needs such as more spay/neuter surgeries, low-cost vet services, facility improvements, adoption promotions, etc.
Chewy, MARS, Smuckers, PetSmart, and Purina are some of the pet food manufacturers that donate food to GOODS, Food and supplies are donated by the truckload from gracious donors, shipped to our warehouse, and later distributed to qualified GOODS Recipients for a minimal handling fee.
  • Apply below to become a Grant Recipient. Please be aware that you may be referred to other GOODS Ambassadors based on your location.
  • Groups meeting the criteria will receive a welcome email outlining the details and procedures.
  • Participating groups must send in their current animal census by the established deadline and the ambassador determines an equitable distribution of the food, taking into account factors such
  • as the number and size of animals, whether any group received food more recently than another one, distance traveled, or special circumstances like large food donations from other sources.
  • The ambassador notifies each group of the pounds allocated, the place and time for pickup, and the cost of handling fees.
  • As a grant program, we cannot guarantee that food will always be supplied to any one organization or that a grant will meet all of the organization’s needs for any period of time.
Become a Recipient of our GOODS program!
To join the GOODS program, please select your organization type below and submit an application with a copy of your IRS determination letter.
We accept applications from 501 (c)3 rescues/shelters/sanctuaries, government animal welfare facilities, animal control, etc.