Adopt A Pet

Adoption Process and Fees

Dog Adoption Fees
25 pounds or less (any age) - $125
6 months and younger (any weight) - $125
7 months+ AND 26 pounds or more - $95
Animal Cruelty Survivors* - $195
These animal received free extensive medical care and housing on behalf of HHS.
*Discounts and promotions are not applicable to these animals.
Cat Adoption Fee

1 or 2 for $50
Adoption Discounts

Senior Discount - Any senior 60 yrs and older who adopt a dog or cat 6 yrs and older will receive a 60 % discount on the adoption fee.

VIP Discounts - Any “Very Important Person” (anyone adopting a dog or cat who has been at the shelter 30 days or more) will receive a 30% discount on the adoption fee.  This discount cannot be used with ANY other discounts including monthly promotions.
Adoption Process
Please email to make an appointment. 
At this time we ask that you complete the adoptions application online found here.
Submit via email or print and bring it in with you.  If you are unable to email or print please call 713-433-6421 and an adoptions counselor can help you complete over the phone. 
When you arrive
We want you to feel safe and secure. Check in at the front desk.  
  •  You’ll see cats and kittens to the right, puppies and small dogs to the left, and straight back through the double doors you’ll find 5 kennel buildings we call “cabanas” full of puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes waiting to meet you.
*Insider tip: we refer to the cabanas by the color of their tile
Limit of 3 Meet & Greets a day.
When you’ve found the one or two…
  •  Once you have found your newest family member, check back in with an adoption counselor to finalize the adoption process.
  •  Some dogs and cats are ready to go home right away while others may need to visit our HHS Animal Wellness Clinic first.  Our clinic and adoption personnel strive hard to make sure your new dog or cat gets the care they need in a timely and efficient manner.
Equine and Other Barn animals available
  •  The Houston Humane Society has equine and other barn animals available for adoption from time to time. These animals are not housed at our adoption building, so you must have an appointment.  The HHS primarily takes in livestock as a result of animal cruelty investigations.  Most lacked proper care and nutrition and were severely malnourished when they arrived. These animals will need time and patience, once adopted, to slowly get back in shape and grow their skills.  The first step is to fill out our equine and barn animal application. It can be emailed to or faxed to 713-433-4325. 
When you adopt from HHS you are:
  • Opening up your home to a homeless pet that is ready to give a lifetime of unconditional love and affection!
  • Helping counter the pet overpopulation crisis that leaves millions of animals without homes and proper care each year.
  • Helping to support the thousands of animals cared for by HHS each year.
  • Choosing NOT to support the cruel and inhumane practices of puppy mills and other breeders whose first consideration is money, not the well-being of the animals they continue to help overpopulate.
  • Taking advantage of the incredible HHS adoption program which includes the following, making it the best value($450+) in a new best friend:
    • General Health Exam - eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, abdomen, skin, coat, body condition, and temperament.
    • Spay/Neuter Surgery - all animals are altered BEFORE leaving the HHS.  Isoflourane gas, injectible anesthesia, and separate sterile packs, dissolvable sutures, and antibiotic injections aregivin/used for each animal.  During preparation, surgery, and recovery, pets are constantly observed with heart/pulse monitors.  Hydro-thermal heating pads are used to keep temperature regulated.
    • Tattoo - all animals altered by HHS receive a tattoo signifying the animal has been sterilized, hereby preventing unnecessary future surgery.  Tattooed animals are generally held longer at shelters and animal controls and are more often put up for adoption.
    • Food and Housing - many animals have been cared for at HHS for 3 weeks or more.
    • Grooming - ears are cleaned and nails are trimmed
    • Cats and Kittens are Vaccinated Against - Rhinotracheitis, Callici, Panleukapenia, Chlamydia, Psittaci.
    • Dogs and Puppies are Vaccinated Against - Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, infectuous canine hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Leptospira canicola, icterhaemorrhagiae infections, and Canine Influenza.
    • Tests - all felines are administered a feline leukemia test and all canines are administered an occult heartworm test.
    • Rabies Vaccination - in compliance with state law, all pets 3 months and older are given mandatory rabies vaccinations.  A numbered rabies tag is given to each pet.
    • Deworming - all dogs are dewormed with Strongid T, Panacur, or Ivomectin; all cats are dewormed with Strongid T.
    • Pet Adoption Kit - Includes 1 month of pet insurance, pet samples, and more.
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