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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Maisy
This is my Maisy (formally Peanut) before and after adoption! In the last two years, she has moved with us to Denver, traveled across the United States, and hiked up a glacier!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Lola
Lola has been the best thing that has ever happened to us! From seeing her super timid and scared at the beginning to seeing her full personality come out has been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Houston Humane Society Pabbie
Pabbie, 2 Years Old. Two months ago Texas experienced one of the coldest and worst winter storms in history. During the storm 8, severely malnourished dogs and pig were rescued and brought to the Houston Humane Society after being found outside in the deadly temperatures.
Houston Humane Society Tita
Tita, 3 Years old. With her heart-shaped button nose, this girl can sniff out anything and anyone. She is so playful and easygoing. Her favorite hobby is eating.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Maui
Maui has all the best nap spaces now and loves to sleep the day away. He is so affectionate and the most well behaved cat I have ever come across. I’m so happy to have adopted this sweet sleepy boy.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Marc
Good afternoon! When I walked into the Humane Society, I wasn't sure what kind of cat I would end up with. As soon as I walked in, I immediately noticed a giant cat sleeping so peacefully against the window.
Houston Humane Society Bella
Bella is your typical loveable lab. She is a senior dog at 12-years-old, but she still has so much love to give! She is gentle and great with kids too, making her a wonderful family dog!
Houston Humane Society Koby
This is the sweetest purdiest cat you will ever meet. Koby is the type of cat who will be there to greet you when you get home from work and loves to cuddle and give affection. He is 1.5 years old and FIV positive making him an extra special cat!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Max
Hello nice people, I’m Max, I was adopted by my fur-ever family back in February 2019. It has been PawSome! Prior to the Great Pause in 2020, mom and dad would let me and my sister roam around the house during the day and they would make sure we were super comfy by giving us beds to sleep on throughout the house.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Keke
Keke has made it all the way from her time at The Houston Humane Society to the Austin area. She loves to play with her toys, scratch boxes, drink water from the sink, and cuddle as much as possible.
Houston Humane Society Paco
Paco, 1 Year old. It's PACO time! Paco is a little shy, but once he knows you're really good at petting, his whole body moves with your hand!
Houston Humane Society Daisy
Daisy, 2 Years old. I won the award for the best smile in the shelter! I was in the running for the softest fur but my best friend bear took that one.
Houston Humane Society Kit Kat
Who doesn't want a piece of this KIT-KAT? This gorgeous gal recently came to us for a second chance at life. She is a bit on the reserved side but a single pet and she turns into a purring machine!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Sandie
We adopted our beautiful dog, Sandie, almost 5 years ago. She is the most wonderful dog we have ever had! She is a loving member of our household, and we absolutely adore her.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Layla
Hello! I adopted Layla on October 13th, 2019 and she has brought so much joy to our life.
Houston Humane Society Blaine
I am currently being fostered, if you are interested in meeting me and possibly adopting me please contact adoptions@houstonhumane.org to schedule a meet and greet.
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