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Survivors of Cruelty


The animal cruelty unit at the Houston Humane Society is dedicated to using forensics to give a voice to the victims of animal cruelty. We are also responsible for rehabilitation and preventing revictimization of our animal cruelty survivors.


Our ACU adoptables are animals that have survived animal cruelty and have been rehabilitated if necessary. These animals have been through a lot, and adopting them is a great and rewarding responsibility. To make sure a survivor of animal cruelty is a good fit, we require ACU adoptions counseling. Adoption applications for survivors of animal cruelty are approved by ACU staff.


Houston Humane Society accepts the role of guardian for animal cruelty victims whose custody has been awarded to us by the State of Texas, and as part of our dedication to providing a new chance at life for these victims, we require families to participate in our animal cruelty victim support group for one year. Families are required to maintain an active phone number and physical address with Houston Humane Society, and agree to at-home animal welfare checks with an Animal Enforcement Officer during the first year of adoption. Adopting an animal cruelty victim carries an additional level of commitment and care, which may not be right for every family. Our community members who are able to participate in our animal cruelty victim support group, play a vital role in our ability to make dreams come true.

Survivors of Cruelty Available for Adoption