What Are Vaccines?
Vaccines are designed to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide resistance against one or several diseases. They work by triggering a protective immune response in the body, which prepares the immune system to fight future infections or diseases that your pet my encounter at one point or another in its life. Essentially, the vaccinations make it easier for antibodies to recognize any future disease-causing organisms that enter the body so that they can be quickly destroyed.
Why Does My Pet Need Vaccinations?
Vaccinations are most effective and important in the early stages of your pet’s life. Generally, the first dose of vaccinations serves to prep the animal’s immune system against a specific virus or bacteria, while any following doses aid in stimulating your pet’s immune system to produce the important antibodies needed to protect an animal from diseases.
Why Are Vaccinations Important?
  1. Number one, and most obvious, is that vaccinations can help prevent your pets from getting various illnesses.
  2. By getting your pets vaccinated, you could be helping your future self dodge any high costs associated with treating ailments that would have otherwise been avoided.
  3. It is possible for animals to spread diseases to other animals and even to humans. Vaccinations can help prevent this from occurring.
  4. Some diseases that are prevalent in the wild—including rabies and distemper—can infect your household pets. Vaccinations can prevent this in animals due to the off chance that they are exposed to any of these ailments.
  5. Many local or state laws are already in effect that require certain vaccinations of household pets.
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