Friday, February 2, 2024 – Friday, March 1, 2024

Get ready for a fizzy takeover at the shelter!

Our Sodagram sale is poppin’ with sodalicious delights. It’s the perfect sipportunity to send a refreshing message to your fellow coworker. Sip-ly order your sodagrams here and they will be delivered to them every Friday. $4 can snag you a refreshing drink and pin, or opt for $3 in cash. (See the Development Team)
Every soda sold contributes to the fizztastic mission of funding heartworm treatment for our shelter dogs! We have a generous donor that will match your donation! So, for every Soda-gram you purchase, you will be contributing $12 toward the treatment of our HW+ dogs.
Let the carbonation of kindness flow in the shelter!
Delivery Dates
February 9
February 16
February 23
March 1
  • Choose: Select a soda and a button for each Sodagram you desire. Orders submitted between Friday and Wednesday will be delivered the following Friday.
  • Deliver: Once your order is placed, our dedicated staff will deliver to your honored coworker at their desk/location.
  • Pick Up: If the staff member is unavailable on Friday, all Sodagrams will be ready for pick-up from the Development Department starting Monday.
  • Last-Minute? No Problem: Forgot to place your order ahead of time? Worry not, our staff will have some extra to sell on the day of delivery. Limited quantities and styles.