Community Outreach



Community Outreach

The Houston Humane Society knows there is a natural bond between humans and animals. We are happy to work with different community organizations in Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and surrounding areas.
Our Community Outreach Program includes adult education presentations, HHS animal visits, pet food and supply drives, etc. We love working with senior centers, community groups, expos, schools, businesses, events, nonprofits, and clubs, all with the purpose of educating you about animal welfare.
Presentation Topics Include:
  • Houston Humane Society: All About Shelters & Adopting
  • Being an Advocate: How to Prevent Cruelty to Animals
  • What is My Pet Telling Me: Reading Animal Behavior & Body Language
  •  Basic Needs of Animals: How to Properly Care for your Pets
  • Overcoming Adversity: Stories of Inspiring Animals
  • Positive Reinforcement: How to Train a Happy & Healthy Pet
  • Healthy Pets: What My Pet Can & Should Be Eating

Community Camps

Houston Humane Society is bringing our much-loved and highly-rated camp to you! We can partner with your organization to host an entire week-long program at your community facility. Our community camp program includes daily interactive activities with different animals, crafts, lessons about animal welfare and animal science, games, and leadership development skills. These camps are perfect for kids ages 7-13.
Camp Speaking Engagements: If you are unable to host a week-long camp program, you can still engage with our animals & learn from our experts. We have speaking engagements that include animal interactions and we are able to come to your summer camps for an hour-long presentation.

Questions? Interested in Booking?

Virtual presentations are available upon request.
Contact our Community Outreach Associate at or 713-341-3344 to book your next event today.