New Home, New Start Application

NOTE: Approval is based on income and being a recipient of government assistance. This program is not for indoor pets to turn into outdoor pets. We are not providing houses because they are “cute”. Having adequate shelter while outdoors is crucial to the survival and overall health of your pets.

If you are 100% unable to keep your pet indoors, please apply for a dog house here

If you are unwilling or unable to properly care for your pet(s), you may also consider rehoming them to a friend or a family member, or surrendering them to the shelter as a last resort.

Their quality of life depends on you, and, if applicable, it’s responsible and encouraged to admit someone else can care for them better. Please call our shelter at (713) 433-6421 to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet. Never leave them unattended, and never kick them out to the streets.


Due to the high demand of dog houses during recent events, we are currently out of stock. We will reopen the application form once more dog houses are available. We thank you for your understanding.