New Home, New Start

Keep Pets Safe and Healthy with a New Home and New Start

The Houston Humane Society launched the New Home, New Start program last year ahead of the Winter Storm Uri.

This program has helped hundreds of pets stay warm and healthy by offering free insulated dog houses to families who can't afford a safe place for their pets. Through this program, we also offer enrichment and educational resources to help pets stay safe and healthy.


Our Main Goal 

Keep pets safe, warm and with their families. The program helps to educate families on the effects of leaving pets outdoors, while providing tools for a safe alternative to tethering.

Please consider donating to this program to enable us to keep more pets safe.






Apply for a Dog House 

If you or someone you know is in need of a dog house you can submit an application.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a dog house will be provided. A team member will contact you to schedule for pick up once approved. 




New Texas Law for Outdoor Dogs: 

The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act is in effect and it is now against the law to have your pet restrained outdoors without adequate shelter in extreme temps.



Caring for Your Dog & Dog House 

Dogs live healthier happier lives indoors. They are social creatures, and thrive much better with companionship. Dogs left outside and isolated are more prone to behavioral issues, psychological stress, and aggression.