New Home, New Start

New Home New Start

The Houston Humane Society’s New Home New Start program offers free dog houses to Houston residents.
Having a safe place for your outdoor pet saves them from being exposed to the elements, like rain, snow, cold winds, and direct sunlight. It also gives them a spot to feel safe while sleeping.
Please keep in mind that Texas law states it’s illegal to leave a dog outside when:
  • It’s between 10pm and 6am
  • The temperature is below 32°
  • A heat advisory has been issued
  • The restraint is less than 5X the length of the dog, minimum 10ft.
For more information, visit
Regardless of what kind of dog house you have, please remember the following:
  • Face the dog house towards the SOUTH. This will help protect your pup from harsh winter winds
  • Don’t place the dog house by a rain gutter to avoid leaks, water damage, flooding, and wood rot
  • If you ever need to move the house to a different spot, use 2 people to lift from the base. Do NOT pull up on the sides as they can detach and expose screws
  • Don’t place blankets/pillows inside the house - fabrics dry slowly and wet fabric can cause skin infections, breed bacteria, attract bugs, and can freeze your dog in the winter
  • Use hay for warmth and pest control BUT remember to replace it every month. Hay dries quickly, and can repel flies, ticks, fleas, and ants. However, if the hay starts to mold (after a month or two), it will actually attract pests
  • Pets need fresh food and water every day. Still water can harvest bacteria and insects, like mosquitos
  • Keep all bowls/buckets/feeders clean as if you were going to drink out of it
Are you in need of a dog house? Apply here to be put on the waitlist:
(subject to application approval. All pets in your household must be spayed/neutered. To apply for free spay/neuter services through Fix Felix & Friends for Free, please visit
Do you have any questions? Email

Additional Pet Resources from HHS

Are you looking for other types of assistance, such as pet food or medical care?
Pet Pantry + Monthly Assistance Program*:
Public Pet Pantry Events:
Free Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, & Rabies*:
*based on income qualification

Together, we can provide owners with the tools they need to keep their pets happy and healthy, and give their pets a new start.
The Houston Humane Society receives no funding from the city, the county, the state, or from any national animal welfare organizations.  We have always depended solely on donations from local people who care about animals and care about the work we continue to do in the greater Houston area and surrounding counties.
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