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10 spirited horses were saved by the Houston Humane Society

These 10 spirited horses were saved by the Houston Humane Society from a life of suffering, and brought to rehabilitation and a new start.
Frail, hungry, and terrified these beautiful creatures do not know the gentle touch of a loving owner. They will need hours of behavioral work to get comfortable in a harness, and feel secure around humans, who until now have only ever left them to fend for themselves. They will also need daily treatments and supplements to help aid their severe condition of malnourishment, caused by neglect.
The oldest horse in this group is 19 years old, and has lived her entire life skating by without proper care or nutrition. One of the horses brought to us was even obviously stunted in their growth due to malnourishment, says our equestrian veterinarian.
The early estimate of these life saving measures is over $40,000 in care, rehabilitation and behavior work.
Thank you to Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office for their assistance in this life saving mission.
Now we need YOUR help to grant them access to the best equine veterinary care, behavior rehabilitation, and resources available. This Holiday season, give the gift of a second chance and donate to support life saving measures: https://www.houstonhumane.org/.../desi.../10-spirited-horses