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30 Livestock Seized

The Houston Humane Society has successfully rescued more than 30 livestock in an animal cruelty case partnering with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Livestock Unit and the Office of the Fort Bend County Attorney
The livestock seizure took place at a packing plant in Wallis, Texas. Custody of the animals has been awarded to the Houston Humane Society, who will care for them until they are ready for adoption or transferred to a sanctuary.
"Fighting animal cruelty is at the heart of Houston Humane Society's mission, and we are grateful to work with our law enforcement partners at Fort Bend County Sheriff's office and the Fort Bend County Attorney to save these vulnerable animals from abuse and neglect," said Gary Poon, president, and CEO of Houston Humane Society. According to the Sheriff's Office, the livestock seized were found in small confinements and pastures where there was confirmed E. coli in the water and soil. Deputies also noticed there was little food and water. This remains an ongoing investigation. "Animal cruelty happens everywhere, but we need the community to know, if they see something, say something," said Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Eric Fagan, Fort Bend County Sheriff. "I applaud the hard work of our livestock unit and our community partners who do their best in advocating for animals." County Attorney Bridgette Smith-Lawson, Office of the Fort Bend County Attorney worked to secure the order to keep the animals in the care of the Houston Humane Society. "The cruel and inhumane treatment of animals is against the law," said Smith-Lawson. "It is important that we enforce these laws; send a message that animal cruelty and abuse will not be tolerated; and help nonprofit organizations such as Houston Humane Society to rescue and rehabilitate animals who have suffered inhumane treatment,"
Those interested in supporting these efforts and the rescue of animals in need can make a donation via the website at