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Energy level: low-moderate

Potty-trained: Some people think I am potty-trained; others aren't so sure.

Good with kids: Unknown to the person writing this bio. Bring your kids in, and I'd be happy to meet them!

Good with dogs: Yes!

Leash manners: Good

I'm going to come out of the gate with a fact that should stun you: I'm not getting much attention. It just baffles the staff and volunteers here. I am beautiful, to be sure. But I am also just a lovely, keeper-kind-of-dog. I like other dogs, and I am very quiet around them. I like cuddling and kissing you humans, but I get a little sensitive about kisses on the face, shying away from you sometimes when you try to kiss me on my brow. Hey, a girl likes her space sometimes, and I won't bite you or become aggressive or anything when I want my space. I just shy away.

Now, we all have a few imperfections, right? That's what makes us perfect. My one imperfection (that the volunteers have seen, anyway) is that there is a rumor that I am not potty-trained. The person writing this bio for me (Ghost Writer), though, is actually stunned. After all, she's taken me out at least 3 times and, on each occasion, I did both #1 and #2 multiple times on the walk. In fact, I was so consistent about it that she wrote in my notes that I was "likely potty-trained." So, who knows? Maybe I'm learning...