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Arrow Strikes Evo's Head Inches From Causing Death

ANIMAL CRUELTY ALERT: 2-year-old pup shot in the face with an arrow
This innocent pup named Evo suffered the injury after running loose and was picked up by Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce partner BARC
The pup was in severe pain after having an arrow deeply embedded into her left eye.
Our veterinarians share Evo is very lucky to be alive, the arrow was only inches away from hitting a vital part of her head that would have been fatal.
She is currently being assessed and treated by our medical staff. We will share updates as we receive them.
With this type of injury, Evo is in need of extensive medical care, please consider donating to support abused animals like Evo.
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Houston Police Department is currently investigating this case.
We are seeing more and more animals saved from terrible conditions. Please continue to report animal cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment by visiting 927paws.org or call 832-927-PAWS.
Warning: Graphic Image