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5 years. If you are looking in on me, there is a pretty good chance that I am jumping around like a crazy girl inside my kennel. But, by no means am I a crazy girl! Once you take me out of here, I am a doll. You'd jump around like a crazy girl, too, if you were stuck in a kennel all day! And while my walkers do my best to take me out for walks, they can't get rid of the fact that being in a shelter is like being in a prison for dogs.
I want to nip one thing in the bud: my age. Some of you are looking for puppies. I really have no idea why. Full-grown dogs are so much easier to handle. Our personalities have become fully shaped, and we are no longer in the biting/nibbling/destroying phases of our lives. At my age, we are mature. We listen to you, and we want to please you. The person ghost writing my bio thinks that the perfect age for adopting a dog is 4-6 years old. And I fit right in that age range!
I'm a pretty great girl who knows some fancy tricks. I know how to sit on command. I do my business outside, and I am pretty great on the leash. Ghost Writer gave me an 8.5 in leash mannerisms (and other mannerisms) on a 10-point scale, which means she thinks very highly of me! I am good with other dogs. Once, when Ghost Writer was walking me, a cat ran past me, but I showed no desire to lunge at the cat or attack her. I just looked at her with curiosity.
I am a little confused by ducks. Weird, I know. But, every time Ghost Writer tries to walk me past the lake, I stop for a minute and watch those weird animals they call ducks. No desire to attack. Again, just a little confused and curious.
I love to cuddle and kiss, so I hope you're up for a loving girl!