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Beloved Zach

In the early 2000's Zach was brought into our Animal Wellness Clinic after being hit by a car. The laceration to his back leg caused a massive infection and the leg had to be amputated. His owners declined treatment and, instead, signed him over to the Houston Humane Society.
Our veterinary team immediately set to work and Zach quickly learned how to move just as fast on three legs as on four. Everyone was quick to fall in love with his personality and he was deemed an HHS mascot.
His days were normally spent taking hour-long naps on the copy machine, greeting and checking out everyone coming into the HHS Clinic. Zach was a special cat, very loving, brave and always leading something or someone.
We are saddened to share the news that our 17-year-old boy has made his journey over 🌈rainbow bridge. He will be deeply missed and our HHS family will never forget you.

We love you Zach.