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In November of 2015 I went to the Houston humane society and saw Joey and fell in love when I went to adopt him there where other families that where trying to adopt him but I didn't give up I would call almost everyday asking if y'all have picked a family. one day when I called I got the awesome news that he was mine!!! he came home with me and ever since than has been my best friend we do everything together. He has become the best dog we have ever had and is a huge part in our family. he is so goofy and always makes us laugh. he loves to sleep he makes me so lazy now that I got him 😂 he is also best friends with my Guinea pig he loves to sit outside her cage and waits for her to come see him. I just thought I would share a story with a happy ending with y'all. thank you for picking us to be his family. we are truly blessed to have him. his new name is Bo Bo and here are a few pictures of his goofy self.