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Chance is our @KPRC2 #petproject pup! 

 One late Sunday afternoon Brazoria County Sheriff's Office alerted us that a small lab mix puppy had been injured, and needed immediate medical care. He would be called Chance, and inspire everyone with his resilience!

Upon Chance's arrival, our team sprung into action taking vitals, getting a temperature, and assessing his overall body condition. He was clearly in pain, and unable to stand on his own comfortably. Upon a further look and a couple of radiographs, it became clear that Chance's leg was broken and would need extensive care in a loving foster home, with frequent visits to our clinic to heal properly.

A caring member of our medical staff brought Chance home for the night to ensure he was bright & alert.


During his 24hr care, she noted that he is eating, drinking, responds very well with his splint, and his pain is well controlled. He enjoys being around other dogs, and has been wagging his tail and playing with toys! ... We are now looking to YOU to help us give Chance his healing chance!

Thank you KPRC2 for your continued partnership and for giving Houston Humane Society Adoptables a voice every week!