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4 years. Recently, on the news and on social media, there was some footage of a dog in a shelter who would sneak out of his kennel each night, just for the purpose of comforting some crying puppies. The person ghost writing this bio for me actually went onto the news site to confirm that it was not me! Ghost Writer actually thought it might have been me that snuck out of the kennel each night to comfort some puppies.
Why did she think that? Because she truly thinks I am the most maternal, kind, and most comforting of all dogs. Maybe it's because I was recently a momma, and so I picked up some motherly traits. But Ghost Writer doesn't think so. She thinks I was always this kind.
I love cuddling. I love to kiss you. I actually stop during my walks for the sole purpose of turning around to kiss you and cuddle with you. I am an angel on the leash, and I frequently stop, look up at you, confirm that I am doing good, and then I continue on. I want to please you that bad.
I do my business outside, and I like other dogs. Indeed, a dog got lose outside and ran up to me, furiously barking. If I had been like most dogs, I would try to defend myself or bark back. I did no such thing. I simply cowered, showed my submission, and wagged my tail to indicate that I am a kind and sweet girl.
Just to give you a sense of how great I am: Ghost Writer tried to get her parents to adopt me for their quiet lifestyle. I would do well with kids, older adults, apartments, or small living quarters. Just love on me. That's all I ask.