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· Energy level: Moderate to high energy.
· Potty-trained: Most puppies aren't potty-trained, but I actually seem to be. Or I'm at least inclined to go outside.
· Likes dogs: Yes! Very much so.
· Likes kids: Unknown
· Likes cats: UNKNOWN
· Leash manners: UNKNOWN
I own my awkwardness. Yes, I am a young dog. There's something about my coloring and the length of my legs that is so awkward and yet so typical of adolescents like me.
But here's the thing: What makes me "different" makes me beautiful. I am unusual. I am unique. And it's precisely for that reason that I am very special!
I am a sweetheart, and my kindness suggests that I am probably not aware that I am a bit awkward. I love giving kisses and receiving kisses. I can be a bit mouthy sometimes-playful biting-but I take to instruction on that pretty quickly.
I take to cuddling and affection like hot butter takes to popcorn! I could use a little patience and a little work-I have some rough edges-but what puppy doesn't? If you're wanting a dog who just sits there and watches Netflix with you, then maybe a puppy isn't for you. I'll get there, but I'm still a bit young for that static lifestyle.