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Doggy Date Night

This national event is scheduled for February 3rd of each year. Get a head start planning your next doggy date night. . . or just plan an impromptu fun time for you and your pooch any time of the year!
Here are ideas to treat your pet on this day of spoiling and quality time
  • Treat your pets to some treats.
    • Purchase pet-safe snack for your doggy pal from a Pet Bakery
    • Make your own snack with this easy HHs approved DIY recipe below! Super kid-friendly!
  • Buy them a valentine
    • Valentines aren’t just for your significant other but for the ones you love. Purchase a customized HHS valentine card to spoil your fur friend and help ”Heal a Heart” by covering a shelter dog’s heartworm treatment.
  • Take A Long Walk
    • Sometimes all they want is quality time with you. Dedicate some time for a long walk together. We all need the exercise to keep healthy