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Family of 4 Cats Rescued

FAMILY of 4 cats DUMPED in a cardboard box at a local Katy clinic 
The Mom, Dad, and kittens were cruelly confined, sealed shut in a cardboard box then dumped in a clinic parking lot with the box labeled "live".
The family was left for hours with the little air they could receive from the 4 air holes made with ink pens. The mother suffered from a severe injury causing her eye to move forward and protrude from its eye socket. The injury is suspected to be caused by some sort of head trauma. 
Thanks to the deputies from Harris County Sheriff's Office and Constable Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5  Office for working to protect this fur family, they are now safe and recovering from the trauma endured.  All will soon be available for adoption in the coming weeks.
Please continue to report animal cruelty to the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce, if you witness an animal being dumped or cruelly confined left with no food or water, report to 927paws.org or call 832-927-PAWS(7297)
If your pet is in immediate need of medical attention, please visit our low-cost clinic or consider surrendering. We are committed to providing the resources needed both housing and medical if it could mean protecting your pet.