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Flood Disaster Relief Tips & Event

As floodwaters begin to recede and evacuated families prepare to return to their homes, Houston Humane Society is sharing the following list of recommendations from the Texas Animal Health Commission to ensure the health and welfare of both humans and pets: 
  • Empty-out reservoirs for standing water that can allow mosquitoes to breed - Even very small, shallow pools (like tires, buckets, tin cans) can provide breeding space for mosquitoes 
  • Check the integrity of fencing before turning animals out into fenced yards/areas - Also walk the area and look for any debris that could injure pets/ livestock (like rusty metal, broken glass, etc.).  
  • Check for any outdoor hazards - Watch out for downed power lines or potentially damaged gas lines in the yard or immediate area that could pose hazards for pets 
  • If an animal has been without food for several days, introduce food slowly, in small amounts - Gorging may be harmful to some animals, especially pet birds. 
  • Use caution when approaching roaming/unclaimed pets or other animals after a disaster - Stressed animals may be unusually aggressive or afraid. 
  • Avoid wildlife that were displaced by flooding - Raccoons, skunks and other wild species may pose a danger to people and their animals. If an animal (or person) is bitten by a wild animal, seek medical attention right away 
The aftermath of a flood can also present several health and safety risks for pets, including exposure to waters contaminated with household cleaners, pesticides, oil, and debris. If pets have been exposed to these waters, Houston Humane Society suggests bathing the animals using the following tips: 
  • Find a quiet and calming environment to bathe the animal 
  • Use a damp microfiber towel to wipe off any dry particles on the pet if necessary. 
  • When washing the animal, pay special attention to the facial features first, including eyes, nose, and ears. 
  • Use dish soap or baby shampoo to wash the animal’s coat as they are safe and effective. 
  • Rinse the pet thoroughly with clean water. 
  • Dry the pet off using clean towels. 

If you have been impacted by flooding and are seeking resources for your pets, please reach out to our Pet Resources team for assistance at 832-776-0481
If you are hosting relief events and are interested in pet resources, please reach out to our Pet Resources team at 832-776-0481

For immediate need of Pet Resources please visit us tomorrow at Sante Fe Middle School at 10am to receive free Pet Food as supplies last.