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FOSTER SPOTLIGHT: Meet 11 yr old Mimi: She has loved animals her entire life- Having several of her own at home including dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, frogs, and lizards - she is a natural born animal lover!⠀
She loves giving her time to all the animals up for adoption and spreading the word to anyone & everyone about adopting!⠀
After years of taking care of her own animals at home, Mimi and her mom joined the foster program at HHS and began fostering kittens.⠀
Mimi does it all when it comes to fostering; from feeding the kittens, changing their water and litter, setting up their beds and spots at home- Mimi's siblings help with all the cuddles these cute kittens need too.⠀
Fostering has brought so much joy to Mimi's life, and every time her foster kittens get to be big enough to hit the adoption floor, she is ready for more!⠀
Thank you Mimi for loving on the kittens and healing hearts.⠀
Have an animal lover at home? Consider fostering like Mimi.⠀
Email foster@houstonhumane.org for more information⠀